Geothermal Heating and cooling

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal (ground-source) heat pumps are an efficient and cost-effective heating/cooling solution based on a renewable energy source. Geothermal technology is a environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution.

Our certified Geothermal Specialists can design and install a geothermal system based on your site's unique parameters. Building size and heating/cooling distribution (ducting, in-floor, hot water supply), heat loss calculations, and supply source types are all considered when recommending your new geothermal system.

In addition to energy savings, you will experience enhanced comfort and safe, quiet operation. Geothermal systems provide a consistent temperature, and humidity is reduced compared to conventional heating/cooling systems. 

Contact us to discuss your project and arrange a site visit. We also offer annual maintenance plans for pre-existing and new geothermal systems to ensure your installation keeps performing efficiently. 

Repairs & Maintenance

We carry many parts in our service trailer so we can fix most problems on site to save you money by not having to go and pick-up parts.